Information about our use of cookies

1. Introduction

Computas uses cookies on the website Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website and help to store information about your use of our website.

Computas does not use the cookies to map the individual users’ usage patterns or other information that could violate privacy.

Computas uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • Web analytics
  • Marketing
  • Necessary cookies

2. Legal basis for processing

Computas is the data controller. The legal basis for processing for Computas’ use of cookies is the consent of the end user.

The use of cookies is regulated in The Electronic Communications Act, Section 2-7 b. ekomloven § 2-7b.

The National Communications Authority (Nkom) presupposes that consent can be given by an end user using a setting in a browser or equivalent in cases where this is technically possible and effective, provided that the requirement for clear information is met, including:

  • The information about the use of cookies shall be easily visible when the user enters the website. For example, an easily visible link in the header, footer, a text box on the front page, or a “pop-up” where the word cookies is mentioned, clarifying what the information is about.
  • The information shall explain which cookies are used, which data is processed, purpose and who processes the data.

3. Cookies

3.1 Web analytics

3.1.1 Google analytics

We use Google Analytics to obtain general usage statistics from our websites (number of visitors, use of pages, the most read content). The statistics are used to improve our websites. IP addresses are anonymized.

3.1.2. Google Tag Manager

Computas uses Google Tag Manager, an analytics program that handles other tags and scripts, such as Google Analytics. The information stored is not traceable to you. It is used in ongoing adjustments and adaptations so that we can provide the best possible experience on for our users.

3.2 Marketing

Computas uses the following cookies for marketing purposes on 

3.2.1 Facebook Pixel

On our website, we use Facebook Pixel. This is a cookie that allows Facebook to receive information regarding your visit on This information is the basis for the ads that are displayed to you on Facebook and on Facebook’s content network on the Internet. We use the information to improve and further develop our website, as well as to provide you with relevant and customized marketing, and to analyze the effect of marketing. You can reserve against targeted Facebook ads here: Facebook cookies – Facebook Ad Preferences

3.2.2 LinkedIn Insight

On our website, we use LinkedIn Insight, which measures traffic and response from  marketing campaigns.

3.2.3 Youtube

Computas uses the YouTube video playback service to display movies on the website. YouTube sets cookies to store information about the bandwidth and settings you make in the player.

3.3 Strictly necessary cookies

4. How to manage cookies

The first time you visit  our website, you will be presented with the opportunity to choose which cookies are installed on your machine. Your choice will be stored for 12 months. To change your choice, delete cookies from your browser. You can read more about how on’s website (in Norwegian) or European Commission‘s website (in English). Please note that by selecting to opt out of the use of necessary cookies, there is a risk that our website will not function optimally.