28. Sep 09:00-09:45


Webinar: Get started with AI on Google Cloud

Everyone is talking about AI these days, and many probably feel that their business should also start exploring these possibilities. What if players in the retail sector, for example, could automate the process of converting incoming email orders into order lines in the system? Or generate customized offers and communication automatically to both existing and potential customers?

These are just two of many examples of how AI can help streamline internal processes and deliver better customer experiences – or in other words: save money and increase revenue.

But how can your business get started?

Computas has been working with AI since the 1980s and is a leader in the Nordic region in Google Cloud technology. Through this webinar, we provided our tips for success with AI on Google Cloud and success stories from some of our Nordic clients.


Morten Forfang holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and serves as the Director of Cloud Platform at Computas. He is an experienced speaker who excels at conveying complex concepts in a simple manner. With a long history as an IT consultant, he has assisted numerous companies in succeeding on their cloud journey and in the utilization of AI.