The good life

More than a workplace

At Computas Development Center, you get to work as part of a team with some of the nicest smarts there is to work with. Computas Development Center offers many pleasant employee benefits and a completely unique company culture. We are 100% employee-owned, have competitive wages, overtime pay, and good health and life insurance.

Some of our benefits

Computas is 100% owned by the employees. It gives us extra motivation in everyday work and a unique commitment to the company, our colleagues, and our customers. The fact that we are employee-owned means that when someone succeeds, everyone succeeds! All new employees receive 1,000 shares upon permanent employment and the option to buy more.

At Computas Development Center, we are concerned that you get paid for the hours you work. If you work extra in periods where it is needed, you will be paid overtime for these hours.

At Computas Development Center, it is important that our employees are professionally up-to-date. We, therefore, prioritize internal and external competence-building initiatives and set aside a solid budget for this each year. We also have a bonus scheme for completed certifications.

At Computas Development Center, we have very good Life and Medical insurance from a top world provider for all our employees. Business travel is also covered by the best available insurance.

All employees and their first-degree relatives are provided with a medical subscription to one of the top local medical clinics chains.

For each working day, Computas Development Center’s employees receive a meal voucher and for each Easter and Christmas they receive a presents voucher according to the local legislation.

Knowledge sharing is strongly in our culture! There is little hierarchy among and several times a year we hold our own internal professional day, which we call ComputasDay. All employees gather here for professional updates through lectures, workshops, and lightning talks. We always end the day by doing something nice and social together – whether we have our annual summer party, or we simply have some good thighs to eat and drink. A good social environment makes us feel even better at work!

More than a workplace

When we gather to update ourselves professionally, the social aspect is of course also in focus. In addition, we have several groups that contribute with activities and social highlights outside working hours, ranging from sports teams, choirs, board games, etc. Others value shared cultural experiences – everything from personal development and lectures to beer tasting, barbecue classes, painting classes, quiz nights, and entertainment. Once a year we spend a professional and social weekend together, sometimes we travel to nice places abroad.

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Would you like to be on the team?

Send us your CV. We look forward to hearing from you! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this job position.

Oana Antanoaie