Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility is based on the ten principles laid down in the UN Global Compact. These principles set the direction for a responsible and sustainable business.

Skill Development

Computas aims to contribute relevant expertise in sustainability to our clients. Therefore, we focus on continuous competence development at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization. There is a dedicated professional network for sustainability within Computas where employees from all functions of the company come together for lectures, workshops, and other professional content.

Computas has an active role in GoForIT, alongside experts from academia, research, the IT industry, and industry organizations. GoForIT is a platform for knowledge development with the goal of discussing, developing, and influencing the content of education and the workforce in IT, technology, and innovation in a sustainable direction.


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The Eco-Lighthouse (ELH) certification scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system.

Computas has been Eco-lighthouse-certified since 2010 and has a conscious attitude to how we can influence the environment. We have therefore defined a separate role for environmental responsibilities in the company. If you need access to our environmental report, contact us here. Our new office building in Akersgata is one of the few buildings in Oslo with «Breeam Very Good» certification and therefore maintains very high environmental standards. The location for the head office was deliberately chosen to make it easy for as many as possible of our employees to walk, cycle or use public transport to the office. We have also implemented several measures to ensure a green footprint for example video conference rather than travel, and we have electric cars for going to and from meetings outside the office.

Ethics, anti-corruption, and employee notification

Integrity is one of our core values ​​and we want to be an ethically responsible company. Our Code of Conduct applies to all activities in the company. We have a mandatory e-learning program in ethical standards for all employees. This is one of several measures to increase knowledge and strengthen understanding of the company’s ethical guidelines.

The Code of Conduct emphasizes zero tolerance to all forms of corruption, bribery and other dishonest business conduct for all employees. Employees are encouraged to report possible reprehensible circumstances in the workplace. We have established good notification procedures internally and via external notification service. Accounting is conducted in accordance with Norwegian accounting and company legislation. As an employee-owned company, we have a special obligation to refrain from misconduct in the operation of the company.

Work environment

The working environment in Computas is good, and sickness absence is on average low. The willingness to be an ambassador for the company and the pride to work here is strong. We follow the laws and regulations that apply to the work life. This involves full organizational freedom, employee surveys, HSE, annual safety rounds and competence development for our employees. We have a great focus on the physical working environment and ergonomics.

Our business activities depend on highly qualified and motivated employees, and we are therefore very concerned with professional development and maintaining a good social environment. 

Equality and discrimination

With us, there shall be full equality between women and men, and no discrimination shall take place. Differences in treatment due to gender or otherwise (ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, and belief) must not occur. We currently have women in all types of roles in Computas, and our female quota has in recent years been over 30 percent.