Webinar: Enterprise search with generative AI

23. Jan 09:00-09:45


In this webinar, were we dived into Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and its potential for revolutionizing enterprise search.

We have all used AI chatbots for simple questions, generating text and many other things. But imagine if that same chatbot also had access to your companies internal data. What would it be like having a personal assistant for every employee – instantly accessing information buried within your organization’s vast data archives, just by asking?

For example:

  • Need specific HR information? It’s at your fingertips.
  • Searching for the latest product specifications? Easily accessible.
  • Looking for details on that really important project? Here you go!

But how can your organization get started? And what are possible pitfalls you should be aware of?

Through this webinar Morten Forfang will give you his tips and tricks to succeed with revolutionizing your enterprise search. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and serves as the Director of Cloud Platform & AI at Computas. He is an experienced speaker who excels at conveying complex concepts in a simple manner. With a long history as an IT consultant, he has assisted numerous companies in succeeding with the utilization of AI.

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