Computas Denmark has been awarded the framework agreement SKI 02.06 on standard software and services for the public sector

Press release 11.05.22

SKI (Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice) has entered into an agreement with Computas Denmark regarding SKI 02.06 Standard software and related services. According to the agreement, software and services can be purchased within the areas mentioned below.

With the SKI 02.06 agreement, Computas is pleased to be able to support public customers with experience, knowledge and in connection with the purchase of the following standard software and services:

Atlassian, including Jira software, Confluence and Service management

  • Elastic Search
  • Cloud data warehouse solutions with SharkCell Suite and BigQuery
  • Establishment, operation and consultancy within the Google Cloud Platform
  • Teaching and training within Google Cloud Platform, Vertex AI, and Kubernetes

With SKI 02.06, Computas looks forward to the opportunity to reach out to more Danish public organizations and help them simplify the procurement process of standard IT software.

With SKI 02.06, Computas is one step closer to realizing its ambitions for 2022

CEO of Computas Denmark, Frederik Brøns, is very happy about the new SKI agreement, which is part of the strategy to take the position on the Danish market as a hybrid consultancy, where software development and consultancy go hand in hand.

With SKI 02.06, we are now ready to take the next step in our ambitious growth plan for 2022, where we have a major focus on entering the public sector and accelerating digitalization within software and cloud services in order to be able to offer the public solutions and infrastructure of the future- for the benefit of society,” says Computas’ Danish director about the new agreement.

At home in Norway, Computas has a strong position in the public sector with customers such as theNorwegian police, the Directorate of Health (corresponding to the Danish Health Authority), NAV (the Norwegian Directorate of Labor and Welfare). These references can, with the new SKI agreement, now help to secure more public customers in the Danish market.

“We have a wide range of experience from Norway and the public sector, which will be of great use to the public institutions in Denmark. In our Nordic neighboring countries, they are in many areas more advanced when it comes to implementing cloud solutions. The way we see it, the software solutions of the future must be user-friendly, i.e. accessible to both young and older citizens. In addition, they must be built on a modern cloud infrastructure that can be handled and maintained by several suppliers. Here, the SKI 02.06 agreement is a big first step for us when it comes to entering as a public partner, says Computas’ Danish director.

As a Premier Google partner, Computas Denmark will challenge existing cloud providers that have focused heavily on the public sector. “We have an ambition to challenge the ‘monopoly’ within cloud platforms and ensure transparency and freedom in the choice of technology suppliers. Multisky is a reality for the organizations of the future, and the public must adapt to it, says Computas’ Danish director.

Read more about the SKI 02.06 agreement here

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