Computas as a collaboration partner

Computas offers consultancy, consulting services, and solutions based on various types of agreements, both short-term and long-term. Our customers primarily purchase services and expertise from us in the following manner:

Book IT consultants

Computas has a strong interdisciplinary environment and a strong focus on satisfied employees, a strong culture of collaboration, and continuous professional development of our staff. Our consultants efficiently gain an overview and understanding of the client’s business area and domain. They receive excellent feedback in our customer surveys and score particularly high in terms of integrity and collaboration skills. We offer consulting services in most relevant fields within digitalization and IT, such as programming (Java, .NET / .NET Core, C#, TypeScript, Kotlin, Python, Smalltalk etc.), architecture, security, testing, user experience/UX, design, data analysis, AI/machine learning, and project management.

Consultancy services

We offer consultancy services in all our areas of expertise. This can involve assignments where a consultant from Computas seamlessly integrates into the client’s team for an extended duration. Alternatively, it can be project-based engagements in which our consultants provide ad hoc support for varying periods, catering to the specific needs of the client. In addition, our consultants are proficient in delivering training courses and lectures. We have a diverse team of experts in various fields including IT strategy, architecture, cloud technology, data analysis, AI, automation, security, user experience, and service design. Moreover, our experienced consultants encompass a range of roles such as project managers, test managers, agile delivery coaches, and advisors for quality and certification processes, as well as team and change management. Furthermore, we offer consultancy services and expertise on platforms such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Atlassian.

Interdisciplinary teams

Many of our clients have the need to implement IT/digitalization projects that require interdisciplinary expertise. At Computas, we are well-equipped to meet this demand by providing complete teams for assignments of varying durations, specifically tailored to the client’s needs and project requirements. Computas offers complete interdisciplinary teams for IT/digitalization projects, tailored to client needs. We emphasize collaboration, agile development, and client employee involvement. Our goal is to create user-centric solutions that deliver value for our clients.

Solution as a Service

An increasing number of our clients are seeking partnerships with an experienced full-service provider. “Solution as a Service” is a modern approach to obtaining customized software, encompassing the entire development process from ideation to a fully operational solution. Computas works closely with clients, starting from defining the core problem to be solved, resulting in better, more user-oriented solutions. We take full responsibility for solution operation and ongoing development, with clients interacting with a dedicated core team. Additional expertise is brought in as needed, ensuring predictability in terms of access to skills and, importantly, costs.

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