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Diger Distro experienced reporting to its customers as a large and manual task, which often took several days to complete. In order to continue their work for a strong Norwegian music scene, they gave Computas the task of streamlining their reporting and making them more data-driven.

Diger Distro is a music distribution service that works to ensure that as much and the best possible Norwegian music is released. Kristian Kallevik, general manager of Diger Distro, also runs the record store Tiger, which has been a cornerstone of the Norwegian music industry for over 27 years. For almost three decades, he has witnessed the digitization of the industry at close range. But creating reports to Diger Distro’s customers was still a cumbersome process. The sales reports the company obtains from streaming platforms such as Spotify consist of large and complex data sets, which are demanding to handle manually.

– In the past, I usually had to divide the reporting work over several days, because other tasks popped up that had to be prioritized, Kallevik explains.

Simple and fast reporting

Diger Distro received help from Computas in streamlining the reporting processes The result is an automated dashboard for music sales reports that is updated as soon as new data comes in, and which helps Diger Distro to get both a simpler overview and better insight.

The new system has several advantages, in addition to streamlining everyday tasks and making Diger Distro more data-driven. The reports can also be adapted to deliver more information than Diger Distro could previously provide its customers with, for example more data or data types and associated graphics that make the reports easy to read. In addition, the system is scalable and is operated securely and at low cost on Google’s cloud platform.

– We now save many hours on the production of sales reports. Today, the reporting is fully automated, which also means that we avoid cut/paste problems that could previously cause errors in the data. Thanks to Computas’ help, more customers can now get their reports both faster and more often in a tidy layout, in addition to there being less risk of errors in the data, Kallevik adds.

– It was impressive to see how quickly Computas was able to familiarize themselves with the problem and identify an efficient and time-saving solution, Kallevik concludes.

Meaningful project

The Computas team set up dbt, Google Cloud and scripts for processing and validating raw data. In addition, the team created temporary tables and facilitated the loading of data into BigQuery tables, as well as pipelines for automating processing scripts.

Michael Birkeland and Alexander Eieland, developers at Computas, say that working on the project has been both fun and professionally challenging. Not least, it was experienced as meaningful, because the solutions they have developed will be of help to an important player in the Norwegian music industry.

– Nothing is better than simplifying and streamlining the customer’s everyday life. That’s why it was fun to help Diger Distro gain control over and ensure the quality of data sources, and use the data to provide insight and automate processes. It has been rewarding to contribute to a more data-driven and future-oriented everyday life for Diger Distro, Birkeland and Eieland concludes.

The technology we used:

  • dbt
  • Google Cloud
  • BigQuery
  • Python

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