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This is how Elywhere gained Control over their value chain

The turnover of Norwegian charging company Elywhere increased from NOK 50,000 in 2021 to over NOK 28 million in its first operational year, 2022. The enormous growth necessitated the company to streamline project management and collaboration. With the help of and guidance from Computas, Elywhere gained full control over the entire value chain.

Elywhere develops mobile charging stations for electric vehicles. The stations are built as modular units with batteries and can be set up even where there is low power capacity in the grid. This allows the charging stations to be relocated as needed, for example, to cabin areas in the mountains during winter and to seaside locations and festivals in the summer.

The demand for more charging stations is enormous, which has led to a tremendous growth for the company in recent years and expansion into foreign markets. Malin Erdal, the IT manager at Elywhere, realized that the company couldn’t afford to continue using cumbersome and inefficient systems that isolated information in silos. To ensure better collaboration, project management, and prepare for further growth, Elywhere decided to implement This is a cloud-based workflow and productivity application for efficient project management and collaboration. The solution was also integrated with Jira Service Management, and Elywhere chose Computas as their implementation partner. Computas has extensive experience in helping companies leverage technology for better collaboration and efficiency.

Photo: Elywhere

“We realized early on that was going to be important for us and that the solution offers many opportunities. Therefore, we also realized that we needed an advisory partner to ensure that we could maximize the benefits and have a well-functioning setup from the start,” says Erdal, adding:

“The transition to and the integration of Jira Service Management has gone smoothly thanks to close follow-up and advice from Computas. Now, everyone gets the information they need to perform their tasks, without hundreds of unnecessary emails and phone calls back and forth”.

Tailored and Efficient Setup

When Elywhere sought better insight into the company’s activities and production, they considered various project management tools. However, the impression was that most solutions were both expensive and not user friendly. Advice from a partner, who used to keep track of orders, prompted them to try it themselves.

“With, we have a very efficient and adaptable tool, where we have also integrated other critical systems for our operations. These integrations allow us to have a good overview of the entirety of our marketing efforts, all consolidated into one platform,” says Erdal, adding:

“Having a supporter like Computas, who knows the system inside out, has been an enormous help for us. It has also helped us see further possibilities for the use of, allowing us to use it for far more than we initially thought when we started”.

Ideal for organizations experiencing growth

Jo Inge Stubbe, a consultant at Computas, has assisted numerous Norwegian companies in implementing He has been responsible for giving Elywhere a solid foundation and utilizing the opportunities the solution offers:

“ is well-suited for companies experiencing growth, such as Elywhere. To continue growing, it’s important to build a functional foundation while also adjusting and adapting the solution as needs evolve,” he says, adding:

“Silo structures and departments that don’t collaborate create manual processes. makes collaboration easy, and feedback from customers using the solution indicates they are very satisfied. In addition to being user-friendly, customers quickly see clear efficiency gains”.

Mobile charging stations require mobile solutions

With, Elywhere has control from the moment the sales department receives a lead until the accounting department invoices an order. Before the customer receives the invoice, the charging stations also need to be manufactured and installed. If any discrepancies arise along the way, they can be recorded and followed up on in Many departments and stages are involved, making the company reliant on efficient collaboration to deliver the charging stations to the customer as quickly as possible.

Photo: Elywhere

“It’s also a great advantage for us that we can use the app on both mobile, tablet, and PC, which is very convenient when we’re on the go. We have employees working from various locations, so it’s a significant advantage that, for example, the sales department and production can collaborate seamlessly regardless of where they work from,” says Erdal, adding:

“As we’ve become more familiar with, we continuously find new ways to further streamline our work. We work continuously with Computas to ensure that the daily routines for the employees are as efficient as possible,” she concludes.

The Technology we used:

    – Monday Work OS
    – Monday Sales CRM
  • Jira Service Management

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