Building a Modern Cloud Data Warehouse on BigQuery will Enable insights to the organisation – quicker and better

WashWorld specialises in monthly-membership based unmanned and DYI car washes. Currently expanding to new countries, they were in need of an automated reporting solution, to minimise the manual workload for creating reports and gaining insights.

The first step in a data-driven journey is insight

Daily reports were created manually, with the data scattered throughout multiple systems. There were no easy mappings to reconcile historical and current data, and the overall time-to-report was very long. As a result WashWorld struggled to get a fresh overview of the transaction, which made it more difficult to evaluate the success of new locations, marketing efforts and other initiatives.

Establishment of a scalable and modern cloud data warehouse

The solution was built on GCP BigQuery – a modern serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse designed for business agility.
In order to solve the problem at hand, the solution required consolidating data from multiple sources. The data sources included historical dumps, daily batch data coming in as CSV files through an SFTP server, and a cloud hosted MySQL database with transaction and sales data. The data was consolidated into a data warehouse with type two history, with a reporting/mart layer on top. The ingest was done using bucket-event triggered cloud functions and federated queries, and all transformations via scheduled queries directly in BigQuery.

Database-based reporting as a driver of success

WashWorld is now able to create and share reports in PowerBI, directly on top of the marts residing in BigQuery, removing the dependency on third party systems and providers. The data is readily available and always updated, allowing WashWorld to get insights on how their business is performing, and make informed decisions.

-Wash World is on a data driven journey and Computas helped us kickstart the process. We have had a great communication along the way, and we experienced Computas as a very pragmatic and competent partner. We are happy to know that Computas will keep supporting our goal of becoming more data driven to achieve our long-term goals, says Christian Andersen, Head og Finance Wash World.

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