Computerworld Digital Summit 2021

The digitization has moved out of the IT department and into the entire company. The Computerworld Digital Summit spans three days, packed with IT inspiration for digital managers, consultants, IT directors, digitization consultants – and everyone else who knows that successful digitization can make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It’s primarily about understanding, selecting, and using technology correctly.

3 steps towards becoming Data Driven

The Managing Director at Computas A/S, Morten Forfang, explored the path toward becoming a data-driven company on March 24. It was a goal in itself for almost every company to become data-driven. Collecting and utilizing data opens up exceptional opportunities for insights, better decisions, and improved, customized services. But how can various data sources be combined? And what about data quality and security? And which data will actually lead to innovation and create value?

During this conversation, 3 specific steps towards becoming Data Driven was shared. We focused on knowledge and real-world examples that would help your organization on the right path to becoming data-driven in the most positive sense of the word.

Portrait image of Morten Forfang

Morten Forfang, Managing Director at Computas AS, responsible for developing new solutions in cloud, machine learning, IoT, and big data. Morten holds a Ph.D. in AI and has been working on developing IT solutions for both the public and private sectors for more than two decades.

Portrait image of Jon Gunnar Aasen

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