Digital HowTo: AI and machine learning in practice

Digital HowTo was a series of online-only conferences from Computerworld, in collaboration with experts and leading suppliers, focusing on various current topics.

We are all familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning, but how do we leverage that knowledge in practice? In this Digital HowTo seminar – focusing on the practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning – you gained insights into concrete experiences, relevant cases, and ideas on how to leverage the technology in your own organization.

Artificial intelligence in practice – 3 steps that lead you in the right direction

The world is in the midst of a digital transformation. More data, stronger algorithms, and cheaper computing power. All of this forms the foundation for creating extreme productivity in business processes – and for customer experiences at an entirely new level. But how do we succeed with artificial intelligence in practice – when both ethics and value creation need to be highly prioritized? In this presentation, three concrete steps that can lead you on a successful AI journey was shown.

The speaker was Josephine Honoré, a Knowledge Engineer at Computas. Josephine Honoré have a master’s degree in software development and has written a master’s thesis on fair recommendation algorithms. She is particularly interested in topics related to fair, responsible, and transparent machine learning.

Portrait image of Jon Gunnar Aasen

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