Computas and Finnish Techila Technologies accelerating the European research environment

Through the project Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE), Computas will enable research and education environments across 9 countries to utilize, simplify and streamline their work in the cloud. Techila Technologies, who are experts within the High Performance Computing (HPC) field will now be joining this effort.

Numerous research projects within sustainability, artificial intelligence, biology, physics and nanotechnology require access to powerful supercomputers for complex calculations, simulations, storage or extended data analysis.  In case such resources are not allocated on national e-infrastructure,  the alternative is either to utilize on-premise resources, or to exploit a private or public cloud.

– The cloud possesses an almost infinite amount of storage capacity, calculation power and scaling possibilities. This is required when handling the vast amount of data that research projects demand. With the solutions that Techila Technologies provide, which enables an offload of HPC tasks to the cloud, you can initiate research projects immediately and get results much faster, says Computas CEO Trond Eilertsen.


Complementing business models

Techila Technologies services are available on the Google Marketplace. Through the collaborative organization for the national research networks in Europe (Géant) it is easy for research and educational environments utilizing the Google cloud platform to employ all of Techila Technologies’ HPC services seamlessly. Techila Technologies is looking forward to the collaboration with Computas, who holds the framework agreement to Google Cloud via Géant to 9 European countries, with humility and pride

– The combination of Computas’ capabilities  to empover Google Cloud and our technology enables research and higher education institutions to avoid lengthy and complex procurement processes and quickly deploy appropriate compute capacity to accelerate scientific breakthroughs, says Techila Technologies founder and CEO, Rainer Wehkamp.


Technology with a purpose

The CEO of Computas, Trond Eilertsen, shares the vision of their new Finnish partner and agrees it is of highest importance to facilitate European research and education.

– We know that technology can be the solution to a myriad of challenges, but this is a strong catalyst for some of the most important research projects on European ground. It will benefit a lot of people, is his concluding remark.