Computas Denmark has been awarded the SKI 02.22 framework agreement for IT operations for the public sector

Press Release 03.03.23

The year is 2033… In Denmark, at least two parliamentary elections have already taken place, and three municipal elections are guaranteed. Yes… 10 years is far into the future, but that’s exactly the amount of time municipalities, directorates, and other public organizations have to purchase IT operational services from Computas Denmark through the new SKI framework agreement 02.22. Computas Denmark has become a provider of IT operations under the 02.22 framework agreement, and we are very proud of this achievement.

“Receiving the quality endorsement from SKI with 02.22 and being able to deliver advice and concrete solutions in cloud services and cloud migration aligns with our strategy for the coming years. Since the second half of 2022, we have intentionally and purposefully shifted away from being a product-oriented company towards becoming an IT project house, which is what we aspire to be. The new framework agreement clearly supports this dynamic,” says Regional Director in Denmark, Mikkel Ebbesen.

Computas Denmark can now deliver our specialist expertise in cloud services, data centers, networks, applications, co-location, end-user services, and security services to public buyers on highly competitive terms.

Computas Denmark was already a supplier under the SKI framework agreement 02.06 for standard software, and we are delighted to continue supporting the IT development of public customers with our technological experience and knowledge, as well as our understanding of the public sector.

“At Computas Denmark, we believe that the wave of cloud usage in the Danish public sector, which is currently unavoidable, will eventually subside. Therefore, we remain steadfast and ready to engage with the public and promote the benefits of the cloud,” says Mikkel Ebbesen, adding, “We are essentially cloud-agnostic, but our extensive and strong collaboration with Google Denmark has made us a preferred partner for many customers when it comes to working with GCP, BigQuery, LookerStudio, and other data-oriented tools in the G Suite.”

With yet another SKI framework agreement and the criteria and requirements that accompany it for suppliers, the Danish public sector can confidently rely on Computas to meet the desired level of professional quality, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility.

Read more about the SKI 02.22 agreement here.(NB: Danish text)

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