Computas in Norway Expands to Denmark

Portrait image of Trond Eilertsen

Press Release 02.06.22

Explosive growth in demand for Google Cloud solutions paves the way for the largest Google partner in the Nordic region to establish itself in Denmark. The goal is to secure a substantial market share within 3 years, and the first customer projects are already underway.

Big Data is Big Business, but only if done right. That realization has dawned upon an increasing number of Danish companies, leading to an almost explosive demand for Google Cloud platform solutions. This is according to Trond Eilertsen, CEO of the IT consulting company Computas, which opened offices in Copenhagen in May of this year.

“We’ve just signed the lease for our office, and we already have significant customer projects in the pipeline. Forester has just named Google Cloud Platform the best development platform in the world, and we expect to capture a significant share of a growing market in Denmark within a very short timeframe,” says Trond Eilertsen.

Computas is already the largest Google Cloud partner in the Nordic region, handling projects for major Scandinavian companies, as well as the Norwegian police, foreign service, and healthcare system

Planning to Hire 30 Consultants

Computas has initiated a significant recruitment process to expand its extensive team of Google Cloud architects in Denmark.

“We have insights and experience with Google Cloud that you won’t find many other places in Europe – certainly not in the Nordic region. This gives us a competitive advantage that we need to leverage right now, so the conservative goal is to build a team of 30-40 Danish specialists within a relatively short period,” says Trond Eilertsen.