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Atlassian Course: Confluence

How to set up good collaboration and effective teamwork in Confluence? The courses give you a good foundation in understanding how Confluence is connected and promotes good practices in use.

With us, you can take the courses either as standard classroom courses or company-internal courses. We offer a range of courses within the Atlassian portfolio from certified advisors with extensive industry experience. They will share lots of best practice tips with course participants.

Confluence for new users

Typical participants: Basic / New users
Duration: (1/2 day)

The course is for new users who need to learn more about basic functionality in Confluence. Maybe you are new to a team that uses the tool or Confluence is being introduced as a collaboration tool for the whole team, who therefore needs an introduction on how to use Confluence effectively? The course gives a thorough introduction to how Confluence works and what functionality is available. With insight into this, as well as tips for best practice, you will be confident in how you can use Confluence in your daily work.

Course content:

After completing the course, you will experience confidence in using Confluence in your daily wAfter completing the course, you will know how to use Confluence efficiently in your daily work. You will know how to interact with your colleagues, how content in Confluence is created and edited, and how to find the information you are looking for.

The course is highly interactive and provides exercises where you learn exactly how to perform core tasks.

Collaborate on content creation in Confluence by commenting on pages or on specific text inline, and notify colleagues of changes

Create and update pages, or reorganize the page structure

Link and reuse information from other parts of Confluence

Use simple macros to create visually appealing content 

Discover and search for information – tips and tricks

Confluence for advanced users

For advanced users in Confluence, and users who will act as administrators
Duration: 1/2 day

The course is for seasoned users of Confluence you who need to do more advanced configuration. You may hold the role of a superuser responsible for helping others, or a project manager responsible for setting up and maintaining Confluence spaces for team collaboration or documentation. The course is a comprehensive walkthrough of all relevant functionality in Confluence and how to put it to practical use to match the needs of your team and whole company.

Course content:

After completing the course, you will have the necessary confidence to be able to take on the role of advanced user and administrator of Confluence. You will know the ins and outs of configuring Confluence and how to use advanced functionality tailored to your project or team’s specific needs. Through practical assignments and examples you will leave the training ready to implement new ideas!

Create new spaces, using available space templates

Create, delete and add content to pages. Design your own page templates and use blueprints

How to structure content efficiently across spaces and pages

Page history and version control

Search and retrieve information – how to make information discoverable

Exporting content

Using Confluence macros – tips on how to use advanced macros and the most commonly used apps from Atlassian Marketplace

How to aggregate and reuse information – how to set up Jira filters and display information from Jira in Confluence

Management of spaces – user rights

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