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Workshop: Atlassian Accelerate

Atlassian Accelerate is a consultative workshop for customers wanting help with optimising their current use of Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management (earlier: Jira Service Desk), or a combination of these. The workshop is also for customers wanting a good start with newly acquired tools.

Computas will facilitate an interactive session where you can explore your needs and inspire new ideas, investigate necessary configurations, model work-processes or information structure, and help you identify how your challenges can best be solved.

With Atlassian Accelerate, you will gain an understanding of best practice in the use and administration of the Atlassian suite, and how to increase the value of your investment. Our Atlassian experts will guide you through the issues that need to be addressed in order to make informed decisions about further steps.

Key activities

Choose among the following activities:

  • Overall picture of your situation, challenges and desired outcome – whiteboard session
  • Mapping your work-process to accelerate your use of Atlassian tools
  • Live demo of example solutions to similar needs
  • Jira Health Check assessment
  • Information Modelling for Jira and/or Confluence to support your needs
  • Q&A Session on specific topics of interest

Common pains

Unwieldy tool configuration, inconsistent implementation structure, failing to unleash tool capabilities, suboptimal collaboration patterns, cumbersome reporting, weak ownership, unaligned licence procurement.

Common Gains

A well-defined information architecture, customised templates, consistent tool use, flourishing collaboration patterns, status and progress information automatically available, optimal support access, harmonised licence procurement.


  • Summaries of workshop presentations
  • Licensing alternatives with price quotes
  • Time estimate for completing changes
  • Proposed next steps

Content and price

  • 4-8 timer workshop
  • Inkluderer for- og etterarbeid
  • Pris avtales mellom kunde og Computas

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