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Four reasons for using Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management (earlier: Jira Service Desk) is a portal which is used to handle internal and external requests. It could be anything from questions from customers, to colleagues who lack access or have issues they need help solving. With an effective system for dealing with such challenges, you will spend less time solving problems and more time creating, researching, developing and delivering results.
Still not convinced? Here are four good reasons for why it’s worthwhile taking Jira Service Management into use.

1. Get an updated overview of all requests

Traditionally, Jira Service Management has been used for user support and to report bugs. Actually, the software can be used for far more than that. Our Atlassian experts see that Jira Service Management is being used for everything from technical queries to solving HR and personnel issues. There are virtually no limits to how you can get support to automate and shorten the time it takes to process a request.

2. Create a common point of contact

By having a service desk staffed by more than one person, you will ensure that issues are not left unresolved in an email inbox if the recipient is on vacation, or, for other reasons, is not available for handling the case. This way a common point of contact is achieved. This is a very simple, but at the same time an extremely good way to organize a company’s case management. The person who has raised a request can get automatic updates on the progress of the case. He / she will see whether a case has been assigned, where it is at in the process, and when it is resolved. You can choose if the user should relate to a portal or if email requests can also be sent and routed to the portal.

3. Create good routines and processes

Inefficiency and lack of good systems make a business far less productive than is necessary. For many the solution will be to create good routines and effective processes. While this is easier said than done, there are solutions that make changes possible for all businesses and organizations.

The solution is Jira Service Management. The program offers a solution that makes it possible to work according to ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). ITIL is a set of principles that helps create good work processes and agile routines. If the company works according to regulations that are based on ITIL principles, it will be easier to maintain a well-run IT department. In Jira Service Management, the standard functionality is ITIL compatible. Thus, using the program can help you get started creating good and appropriate work processes that you need to become an efficient, agile and productive business.

4. Improve customer experience

When the distribution of tasks and responsibilities runs smoothly, you can spend more time on your core tasks. Changes requested in the Jira Service Management can be automatically forwarded into project backlogs. In addition, you can use previously raised requests and resolved cases to build a self-service solution. This means, for example, that you can give your customers faster and better service by correcting errors and changes quicker, and that the users can also find answers on their own.

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