The 5 biggest Atlassian news from Team ‘24

Atlassian recently held its annual Team conference in Las Vegas. This year's conference featured a variety of product news, including the unification of their two Jira products - and unsurprisingly AI was high on the agenda!

Computas’ product expert Irina Bulf attended the conference in Las Vegas, and is confident that Atlassian customers have lots to look forward to. 

– Atlassian had lot’s of big news lined up this year, and I can’t wait to bring new products and functionalities to our Atlassian customers. 

She specifically points to new possibilities within AI. Because although AI functionality has been available through Atlassian Intelligence for a while, users can now look forward to AI powered features that are more mature. 

– I am especially looking forward to testing out the new AI capabilities, which has the potential of truly streamlining workflows and boosting productivity, says Bulf. 

In the wake of the conference, Bulf has set up a list of what we at Computas see as the 5 biggest news from Team ‘24. 

Here are the top 5 news from Team ‘24: 

  1. Introduction of Atlassian Rovo: Atlassian unveiled Rovo, a new AI-powered tool designed to enhance knowledge discovery across various platforms. Rovo helps teams find information, gain AI-driven insights, and take action within their workflows, facilitating better collaboration and efficiency.
  2. Unified Jira Experience: Atlassian is combining Jira Work Management and Jira Software into a unified platform: Jira. This integration aims to cater to diverse teams across organizations, providing a shared space for goal alignment, progress tracking, and context sharing, enhanced with AI features.
  3. 30+ AI-Powered Features: The conference highlighted over 30 new AI-driven features and enhancements across Atlassian’s product suite, focusing on improving developer flow states, enhancing IT service management, and boosting overall team productivity and collaboration.
  4. Optic+Compass: Atlassian has acquired Optic, an API documentation and management tool that makes it easy for developers to publish accurate API docs, avoid breaking changes, and improve the design of their APIs. Optic will be integrated into Compass, Atlassian’s developer experience platform. This empowers Atlassian to provide every engineering organization with native API documentation and governance directly in Compass.
  5. Enhanced Security with Guard: Atlassian Access is becoming Guard, a new/improved security offering for its cloud platform, aiming to enhance data protection and compliance for enterprise environments. The next chapter in cloud security – Atlassian Guard unifies existing Access and Beacon beta capabilities and brand-new data loss prevention functionality into one product with two plans.

New features for Cloud customers

Having ended support on their server products earlier this year, Atlassian is now focusing efforts on developing their cloud platform even more. New features and product updates are constantly being announced and released. To keep track of what has already been released and what is being worked on, have a look at Atlassian’s Cloud Roadmap! There is also a similar roadmap for Data Center customers.

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