License & Subscription Management

As an Atlassian Partner we have extensive experience in implementing, configuring, and managing Atlassian products. We possess in-depth knowledge of Atlassian best practices and can help tailor solutions to your specific needs.

When you purchase your Atlassian licenses through Computas you receive access to our License & Subscription Management service free of charge.

Why manage Atlassian licenses with us?

Proactive support

Complete License Management: We cover all aspects of license management, including purchasing, renewals, co-terming, and consolidation of Atlassian and marketplace products to a single renewal date and in one invoice.
Dedicated Support: Access to a dedicated account management team for personalized assistance and quick resolution of any licensing issues. Robust customer support, including assistance with pricing, upgrading, and compatibility issues.

Cut costs

Reduced overhead: Cut time and effort spent on managing Atlassian licenses, thanks to our comprehensive management services.

Cost Effective: Optimized license management to help you lower license costs where possible.

Transparent Reporting: Detailed and clear reporting on license usage and costs.

Expertise and experience

Computas is an Atlassian Platinum Partner. We have delivered Atlassian consulting for over 10 years, have a solid and certified professional environment in both technical aspects and flexible working methods. We therefore know what it takes to fully optimize usage of Atlassian tools. 

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