Four questions and answers about Jira

With Jira, you and all your colleagues will gain insight into work tasks, progress and results. Over the past few years, the application scope has expanded considerably, and today, Jira is found in all industries, from car manufacturers, banks and pizza chains to oil companies and public institutions.

The software is versatile, and many people use Jira every single day. Those who are not yet using the software have probably heard of it. Regardless of whether you are an experienced Jira user or have not yet started using it, there are most certainly things you still do not know about Atlassian’s popular task management system.

We have talked to Victoria Beichmann, Key Account Manager for our Atlassian users, and asked her to answer the most basic questions that both experienced and the less experienced Jira users have.

What exactly is Jira?

In short, Jira is a task management system that helps you keep track of tasks in a project or a team. The program was originally designed to support software development, but we see that in recent years it has also been taken into use in many other fields in all types of industries, Beichmann says.

Atlassian’s products currently support more than 125,000 teams worldwide. The success is a result of the low threshold for implementing the programs. In addition, the program is fast, extremely configurable and easy to integrate with existing systems.

Beichmann reports that Computas is constantly receiving requests from users in teams like HR, marketing and project management. Generally, users are curious to know which tasks and processes can be simplified and supported by using Jira.

Why do all Norwegian businesses need Jira?

Efficiency, interaction, digitization, and agile processes are not just fancy words. They are also essential prerequisites for the vast majority of Norwegian businesses. While it is obviously important to work closely with colleagues and keep track of all the company’s ongoing projects, it is not so easy to make it work well in practice.

According to Beichmann, it is when these issues occur that Jira can be a sensible choice. The software makes it easy for everyone involved to see what the others in the team or the project are working on, how they are doing with a task, or if they are working on a specific deadline. This insight makes Jira a fantastic tool for DevOps development projects, and at the same time contributes to significantly reduce risk.

– In this way, all employees get an overview of each other’s projects, making it easier to prioritize tasks across the team, Beichmann adds.

How does Computas work with Jira?

Computas helps businesses use Jira in a functional and optimal way. To succeed, proper knowledge of the work process is required by the team working on a project. Therefore, the collaboration often starts with a shorter or longer workshop, where Computas’ team and the customer, together, go through the actual workflows and come up with suggestions for solutions.

Such a review of one’s work methodologies and routines is exciting and instructive for all parties involved, and the customers often feel they have received help to cut any unnecessary processes.

– Our goal is to help our customers set up projects in a proper way that supports agile collaboration and helps them streamline their work, Beichmann says.

Why do I need help with Jira?

Jira is easy to start up, and many companies take the first steps on their own.
Beichmann says that the problems often arise when several individuals and multiple tasks are moved into a program that is as adaptable as this one. If this is not done in accordance with a given framework, things could get quite chaotic and the fundamental benefits of the software may be lost; and, the user will simply not get the maximum benefit from all the possibilities Jira has to offer.

– Even though many customers have similar challenges, not all Jira users will have the same needs. Therefore, we have developed two different workshops. One for those who are wondering if Jira can be a useful tool for one’s business, and one for those who have started using Jira, but need some help preparing a good set-up for how to rig projects properly for further growth, Beichmann adds.

Here you will find more information about the Atlassian Assessment, a workshop for those of you who would like to have more insight into how Jira can help you work smoother and more agile.

You can also read more about Atlassian Accelerate, an advisory workshop developed to optimize the use of Jira.

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Victoria Beichmann