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Design Sprint for Efficient Innovation

As part of our Design Sprint Services, Computas delivers within this working method courses, coaching, facilitation and process management. Design sprint is about quickly developing an idea and testing the solution on customers or end users. The Design Sprint process facilitates focused work, with the goal of being able to validate an idea – whether it is a product, a service or a strategy – in just one week.

We have cutting-edge expertise in innovation through design sprints, and can help your company in saving time and resources. Is the idea good? Is the service or product worth developing? Is this worth pursuing and investing time and money in? These are difficult questions to answer before things are fully developed and tested. Design sprint makes it possible to get an answer to this faster than a traditional approach, where we build the product before we get feedback from customers.

What is a design sprint?

Design sprint is a working method for solving complex problems. What characterizes the design sprint as a method is the duration, the participants, the type of collaboration and the kind of problems to be solved.

The structure of the design sprint differs from common working methods in product / service development

  • The Sprint has only one working week’s duration
  • The team members are selected across disciplines and departments
  • The team follows a structured process for idea development and collaboration
  • The purpose of the sprint is to solve complex problems for the organization

Design sprint aims to solve a problem in a short time, and only five days per week are set aside for working on the project. In return, the team working on the design sprint that week will focus solely on that project. They can therefore make themselves and their skills fully available during this time.

Design sprint is also used primarily to solve what we call complex problems. By this we mean that the problem does not have one specific answer or only has one given solution. In developing a new service or product, this means that the team has to choose between many different options.

The design sprint participants are selected based on the problem to be solved, and should cover the disciplines needed to come up with good solutions. This results in a professionally strong team that has different perspectives and complements each other’s expertise. The team usually consists of the company’s own employees, who represent the business areas affected. In addition, Computas can contribute further expertise, for example in design, development, cloud technology or AI.

With team members from different parts of the organization, we gather different perspectives to approach the problem from several angles at the same time. This way we come up with solutions faster, and more considerations are taken into account at an earliest possible stage.

The structure of a design sprint

The design sprint is spread over one work week, as a structured work process. With only one work week available as working time, the team will have to prioritize their choices and streamline their work.


The team maps the problem, goes through all relevant background material and highlights the problem from different angles. Then the team chooses which part of the issue to focus on in the week ahead. By doing this together, the whole team gets a common understanding and ownership of the problem to be solved.


The team explores various solutions and tries to come up with as many solution proposals as possible. The team alternates between working together as a group and working individually to develop ideas.


The team narrows the focus, and selects one solution with which they want to move forward. Then they clear up any ambiguities and make the preparations they need.


The team builds a prototype with the intention to test it on Friday.


The team invites users to test the prototype of the new product or the new service, to see if the idea works.

Why choose design sprint and Computas?

Design sprint is applicable for most sectors, businesses and disciplines. The method can be adapted to the project and the problem to be solved.

Computas’ facilitation of design sprints includes several services, and ensures efficient implementation. By choosing the project implementation with design sprint from Computas, you can be sure that you and your business have a comprehensive and successful project. We can help you with:

  • Initial investigations and analyzes of the problem to be solved
  • Assistance in selecting suitable candidates for the team
  • Facilitation and management of design sprint
  • Further development of successful results and prototypes
  • Development of prototype as MVP (Minimum viable product)
  • Reporting of results, and suggestions for further processes

What to expect after the completed design sprint?

After only four days of design sprint, we test the prototype on a group of customers, and find out if the solution is effective or not. There are usually three different outcomes after a completed design sprint:

  • The sprint is a success, and the prototype gives the results you wanted. In this scenario, Computas can help you onwards in the process, and continue the follow-up to further develop the prototype
  • The prototype does not work as intended, and you do not get the desired results. When this happens, we see it as valuable experience. You have gained increased knowledge about the product or service, and have a better starting point for moving forward. Computas helps you with the next step in the process of finding another solution.
  • The prototype does not provide clear answers, but there is something there to consider. This scenario means that more work is needed before you know if you should move on with this particular solution. Computas guides you, and can assist in using the information you have gathered to plan the next step in the process.

Regardless of the outcome, we guarantee that you have learned a lot in an extremely short time by using the design sprint methodology, compared to a normal product development process.

Computas has the competency

There are several reasons why you should use Computas when applying design sprint in your organization:

  • Highly experienced facilitators with experience from a number of industries and sectors. Our facilitators act as neutral third parties and ensure optimal function of the team. We take care of everything during the sprint, you just have to show up and contribute.
  • Unique technical insight because we are a technology house, and can deliver facilitation beyond just consulting and project management. Our facilitators and designers have good insight into both business and technology, in addition to broad knowledge from various sectors. In addition, we possess deep technical expertise in development, cloud, and AI, which we also can make good use of  in a sprint.
  • We can take things further from the project phase, and can help you further develop and quickly convert the ideas into reality

Are you interested in using design sprint for your business? Computas gives you the comprehensive follow-up you need.

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