FAT-ML, XAI and sensible use of artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is gaining momentum and is constantly being used for new purposes. The technology has the potential to make everyday life more efficient, but it also generates new issues. In many ways, the use of artificial intelligence is one of the greatest ethical dilemmas of our time, a topic that is being fiercely debated within, as well as outside, the specialist environments.

Artificial intelligence is not just talk. Studies and analyzes show that the use of artificial intelligence in Norwegian business and industry will increase significantly and result in growth both in the economy and manpower. Norwegian business leaders must, by all accounts, be open to using artificial intelligence in their businesses, and it must be done in a reasonable manner.

How to use artificial intelligence

There are many ethical challenges associated with the use of artificial intelligence. At Computas, we are constantly reflecting on how we, today and in the future, can ensure sensible and ethically sound use of AI. One argument for using artificial intelligence and machine learning is about the intelligence’s ability to make predictable choices; in other words, the ability to draw the same conclusion every time a given problem arises. It would be safe to say that the algorithms are more predictable than us humans.

If we reflect more deeply on this, a number of potential situations emerge showing that predictability does not alone form the basis for a sensible decision. Artificial intelligence must be more intelligent than that. To understand how we must look at the human being and our characteristics. Human interaction is based on our ability to be fair, responsible and transparent.

Want to read more? Chief Engineer Marco Angel Bertani-Økland discusses this issue in the blog post ‘What is FAT-ML and why should you care’.

Fair, responsible and transparent artificial intelligence

It is precisely the opportunity to develop these characteristics that FAT-ML (Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning) and XAI (Explainable AI) explore further. Achieving an understanding of these principles in machine learning and artificial intelligence is crucial for Norwegian businesses to really begin to use artificial intelligence in a sound and sensible way.

At Computas, we want to contribute to a deeper understanding of how artificial intelligence can be used in a sensible, ethically responsible, fair and transparent way. Therefore, we have entered into a research collaboration with ITU in Denmark and UiO in Norway where we look more closely at how we can work with artificial intelligence today, tomorrow and in the future. We have worked with artificial intelligence since the mid-1980s, and have a strong professional environment with expertise in this field, theoretically and in practical use.

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