Astri Marie Ravnaas and Magne Solberg joins the Computas board of directors

Computas is preparing for further growth and has expanded its board of directors with two external representatives. “With these two board members on the team, we are even better equipped for our further work of developing beneficial solutions both for the public and private sector,” said chair of the board, John Nyheim.

Astri Marie Ravnaas (29) has experience from several different IT companies and is a team leader in Orkla IT. Her experience lies within Cyber Security. This is an area that is fundamental in the digitalization of the public and private sector and is therefore highly prioritized by Computas. In 2021, Ravnaas was acknowledged by Abelia and the ODA network as one of 50 leading women in technology in Norway.

“I am proud and humbled to be elected as a board member in Computas. I hope my interest in cyber security and technology trends can contribute to the board, as well as my ability to ask good and critical questions,” said Astri Ravnaas. “Working with all the talented people and the strong professional community in Computas, is something I really look forward to.”

Magne Solberg (52) has extensive management experience from several companies, both from the customer and supplier side. He is the general manager of Iver Norway, a leading Nordic provider of cloud-based IT services. He also holds valuable experience from several relevant board positions during his career.

“Computas is well positioned to aid the digital transformation in both the public and private sector, yet with great potential for further development,” said Magne Solberg. “With my management experience from both the customer and supplier side in the Nordic market, I desire to contribute to the strategic development and building of ‘Computas 2.0’.”


Strengthens and complements the current board of directors

Chair of the board of directors at Computas, John Nyheim, is very grateful for the effort from the nomination committee and is happy to add Ravnaas and Solberg to the team.

“The onboarding of the new board members is the result of an extensively thorough process. The overall aim was to ensure that the new members broaden the overall expertise and diversity of the board,” said John Nyheim, Chair of the Board of Directors, Computas. “I am very pleased with the completion of the new board of directors.”

In addition to Nyheim and the two oncoming board members, the board of directors consists of Espen Falla, and employee representatives Jørgen Frøysadal and Karoline Dybendal Aulie. The board of directors is devoted to facilitating further growth for the employee-owned company.

“Computas’ ambition is to strengthen its position in the Nordic region, something we work strategically with. I am convinced that the new board members, together with the company’s skilled employees and managers, will be able to take Computas to new heights,” said Nyheim.