Computas is now an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Computas has gained status as an Atlassian Platinum Partner, currently being the only one in Romania. – Since 2006, we have been using Atlassian’s tools as an integrated part of our IT projects, and our expertise has developed into a business that stands on its own feet, says Computas CEO, Trond Eilertsen.

With the Atlassian Platinum Partner status, Computas meets Atlassian’s highest standards for certified experts, solid customer references and license management of Atlassian products; a quality label documenting both our expertise and capacity.

Computas has already been using Atlassian products in customer IT projects since 2006, and we have been an Atlassian Partner with certified experts and have sold Atlassian products since 2017.

– There is a very low threshold for putting these products to use, but as the use increases, many companies experience that it is easier to buy through an approved Atlassian Platinum Partner. When customers buy Atlassian products through us, they get access to our experts who can offer license management, implementation support, consulting, user training and health check-ups, says Eilertsen.


More than just IT projects

Tools like Atlassian Jira and Confluence have been popular in IT development for many years. For many businesses these tools have been crucial in order to be able to work more transparently and in accordance with Agile methodology. As the agile mindset spreads to other parts of the business beyond IT, the interest in and use of these tools have expanded. Teamwork in the new hybrid everyday work life also motivates many people to invest in better tools, and Computas has experienced an increased demand for such tools.

– The demand for our consultants and course organizers in agile mindset, scrum frameworks, information management and Atlassian products has increased tremendously the last couple of years. Part of the demand comes from our existing customers, but mostly it comes from companies with no previous relation to Computas, says Eilertsen.

Among new clients of Atlassian products and related advisory services over the past year, he mentions Vy Group, NAV, AutoStore and Hafslund ECO.


From server to cloud
The demand has also increased as a result of Atlassian’s focus on the SaaS version of the products. Many companies still operate their own installations of Atlassian Server products that will reach their end of life in 2024 as Atlassian has announced. Computas has already assisted a number of customers in migrating to Atlassian Cloud, as well as using Atlassian’s loyalty and migration programs to ensure a smooth and cost effective transition.