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Microsoft Azure

Computas is a Microsoft Gold partner, and Cloud Solution Provider. Through a number of customer assignments, Computas has experience of using Microsoft Azure in companies in the private and public sector to drive innovation, value creation and increase competitiveness.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform for server-free infrastructures, data storage and development/operation of applications and systems. The Azure cloud platform consists of more than 200 products and cloud services that enable the development of systems across the web, native mobile applications and other IoT devices. Microsoft Azure also supports machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Azure has a special competitive advantage when it comes to hybrid cloud, a solution where you combine Microsoft Azure with servers or an “Azure Stack” operated locally. For customers who have particularly sensitive data, this can be an attractive choice.

How do we work with Microsoft Azure?

There is an enormous potential in using new innovative cloud services from players such as Microsoft, and those who are able to make the best use of these opportunities will gain a competitive advantage in the future. Our customers often have one of the following two objectives when contacting us about cloud solutions and Microsoft Azure: streamline operations and reduce IT operating costs or drive innovation and business development. Computas has experience in exploiting this potential with a number of customers in both the public and private sectors.

Get started with Computas Cloud Transformation Start

Computas Cloud Transformation Start is a workshop that helps companies understand what lies behind Microsoft Azure and how to identify opportunities for their own business. With Computas Cloud Transformation Start, customers have the opportunity to learn how to set the right scope for projects, define secure cloud architecture with the right technology components and explore scenarios and opportunities with prototypes to develop business opportunities. With such a workshop, you are better equipped for efficient use of cloud technology.

Computas can contribute with consulting services in:

  • Architecture and security
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Big data, data management and data analysis
  • Migrating applications and data to the cloud (“lift and shift”)
  • To develop real cloud applications Multi cloud and hybrid cloud
  • Control over costs, security and updates
  • Advice and cloud strategy including hybrid and multicloud

Why choose Microsoft Azure and Computas?

Computas is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider. Customers who use cloud services experience a modernization of existing solutions and free up resources that can focus on further innovation and digitization. We also have consultants with expertise in methodology and innovation processes. Computas is also a Google Premier Partner and has expertise in AWS, and is an optimal partner for companies that want to use Microsoft Azure in safe combination with on-premise solutions and other cloud services.

Microsoft Azure is a market-leading player in cloud services and is for a number of reasons the natural choice for companies that already have applications developed based on Microsoft technology. Support for migrating these to the cloud, or replacing components of applications with similar components in the cloud, is particularly well established in Azure. A typical example is that companies today rely on Active Directory for user management and user rights. In this case, you can connect Azure Active Directory directly to the local AD solution. Our experience is that Azure also works just as well for applications that are not based on Microsoft technology, or that are based on Open Source technology. This gives you a high degree of flexibility.

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