Securely Nailing It: How ENKOTEC turned to GCP and Computas for Cloud Security Solutions

When you’ve committed yourselves to continuously developing and producing the world’s most competitive nail production solutions, you also must commit yourselves to the quest for the best and most secure it-solutions around the globe.

Brian Melgaard
Brian Melgaard from ENKOTEC

“All-in-all, it’s a question of supporting our customers with the best possible foundation fitted to their market situation and visions,” says Brian Melgaard from ENKOTEC. 

In the middle of Jutland, just outside Skanderborg, is the production site of the world’s leading manufacturers of nail machines from ENKOTEC. ENKOTEC was established in 1981, and from the start, high-speed operation and high-quality output have been synonymous with ENKOTEC.

“We’ve equipped our machines with the new ENKOTEC software platform, ENKOsmart; the new ENKOnail+ utilizes innovative sensor technology and thereby brings nail manufacturing to the next level,” says Brian Melgaard.

And he continues, “There is no way we, as market leaders, could ignore the fact that the cloud is the way forward in terms of providing our clients with a scalable and state-of-the-art data visualization platform… With a constant focus on helping our customers get the most out of their production data, Google GCP seemed like a natural next step for us. 

Google Cloud Security

ENKOTEC turned to Computas as a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner in Denmark for getting the best advice, and an overview of the potential roads ahead when working with the cloud on GCP, especially with security.

Based on dialogue and a workshop with ENKOTEC, Computas then showcased the capabilities of GCP to retrieve and display machine data through web-based dashboards in a secure way.

Computas summed it all up in a report and a presentation. This report outlines Computas’ recommendations for enhancing the security posture of ENKOTECs systems, ensuring the protection of sensitive data, and upholding Google security standards.

In our report and presentation, Computas have listed some tasks to be dealt with to reach the point that ENKOTEC has expressed the desire to achieve.

The topics were:

  1. Service Accounts
  2. Storing Values
  3. Cloud SQL
  4. Cloud Run
  5. API Best Practices

We have done that in 2 steps: 

Should do’s

  • Advice on things ENKOTEC may already be doing, in which case we are reiterating their importance.
  • Actions need to be taken to enhance the current solution.

Could do’s

  • Actions and advice that we believe can benefit ENKOTEC from a security and infrastructure standpoint in the long run.
  • Most advice here requires a change to the current setup.
Michael Marigliano, Senior Developer from Computas
Michael Marigliano, Senior Developer from Computas

Michael Marigliano, Senior Developer from Computas, says, “The dialogue and the workshop with the customer is a super nice way to start a project. It gives us the possibility to hand over a document filled with solid and professional advice based on knowledge regarding the specific customer”. Michael continues: “The customer, then, can choose to keep on working with us, or they can choose another consultancy based on the advice in our report.” 

“We have an explicit mantra that we commit and deliver on the task at hand. Regarding future assignments, we look forward to engaging further with ENKOTEC, and we see this project as the natural first step,” says Michael from Computas.