Computas is the first Google Cloud specialized company in the Nordic region

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Press Release 05.05.22

As the first Nordic company, Computas has achieved specialization in App Development on the Google Cloud Platform. The IT company is already one of the few Nordic Google Premier Partners and boasts the largest Google Cloud-certified professional environment in the Nordic region. According to Computas, there is an increasing demand for application development and expertise in cloud technology.

The specialization in App Development is based on the number of certified Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers. Additionally, it requires documented deliveries to customers seeking solutions on the Google Cloud Platform, along with a thorough evaluation of these by Google. Computas has executed several projects based on this technology, including those with Ramboll, Aker Solutions, Hafslund, and Power.

“Specialization and having our expertise in the cloud at the forefront are important signals to send to the market,” says Trond Eilertsen, CEO of Computas.

“We find that more and more of our customers demand our expertise in multicloud. They want to use a combination of multiple cloud platforms, and we have several tasks that require precisely this competence. Both in the public and private sectors,” Trond Eilertsen continues.

He also emphasizes that Computas continues to invest in other cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. The company is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.

These organizations have gone through a rigorous assessment, employ certified technical experts, and have demonstrated customer success in their areas of specialization

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Computas has been working with artificial intelligence since the 80s

Computas has been working with artificial intelligence and expert systems since its establishment in 1985. Eilertsen does not hide the fact that the present is an exciting time, where the company’s skills and experience have gained renewed relevance in combination with cloud technology, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The demand for expertise in cloud technology varies, from customers wanting to move existing solutions to the cloud to customers looking to develop entirely new, innovative solutions that utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation—something cloud platforms are specifically designed for. And it was precisely these possibilities that early on made it interesting for Computas to focus on building expertise around cloud technology, and now make it exciting to continue investing and focusing in this area,” concludes Trond Eilertsen.