Computas acquires SharkCell to build stronger position in Denmark

From the left: Jon-Gunnar Aasen (Computas Danmark), Frederik Brøns (SharkCell).

Computas and SharkCell have completed a merger aimed at creating the foundation for additional growth both in Denmark and the Nordics. The goal is to build a Google Cloud powerhouse capable of delivering second-to-none consulting services to a growing customer base.

Computas, a leading Nordic provider of IT solutions and consulting services, today announced that it has acquired SharkCell, a Danish consultancy specialized in business intelligence solutions based on the Google Cloud platform. Both companies are well-established Google partners and the objective is to build on this position to create an even stronger value proposition in terms of the range of competences and consulting services it offers existing and potential new customers in Denmark.

“The acquisition is an important stepping stone in realizing our growth ambitions in Denmark. We have been present on the Danish market since 2018 and since then, we have been on the look-out for a relevant company to partner with. SharkCell is a perfect match due to its strong focus on Google Cloud and the related competence base it has. We have a strong shared vision of where we want to go and I look forward to get going,” says Trond Eilersen, CEO in Computas.

“The merger with SharkCell will help us open a door to an area that we believe is strategically important: Helping customers migrate to modern data warehouse architectures that are capable of meeting their demands in terms of scalability, analytics and business intelligence,” says Jon-Gunnar Aasen, who heads up Computas in Denmark.

“In terms of Google Cloud development skills and consulting services, there are still relatively few players on the market and we have a unique opportunity to carve out a place for ourselves as the leading provider. Google Cloud is gaining more and more traction and interest from customers across the Nordics because it represents as a highly competitive cloud platform to support the digital transformation journey that many customers are currently on,” he continues.

Computas is currently fully owned by its own employees and as part the merger, SharkCells Danish founder and CEO, Frederik Brøns, will step in as a shareowner – an option that has also been offered to all other employees in SharkCell.

”I will own shares in the new company and continue to lead the Danish part of our business. The commercial synergies we can achieve are very clear and I believe they will translate into tangible benefits for both our existing and future customers. In other words, I look forward to continuing the journey together,” says Frederik Brøns, founder and CEO in SharkCell.

Following the acquisition, the Danish part of Computas will employ 35 people whereas the company has nearly 300 employees across the entire Nordic region. In 2020, Computas reached a revenue of NOK 525 million and a positive EBIT result of NOK 41 million. The intention is to build a business in Denmark that matches its Norwegian in terms of size and the company also has plans to begin operations in Sweden in the coming years.


From the left: Trond Eilertsen (CEO, Computas) Jon-Gunnar Aasen (Computas Danmark), Frederik Brøns (SharkCell).