Making user support more efficient with new modern systems

For many years, Uloba has struggled with unsuitable systems for user support and local server operation. With the help of Computas, the organization has now put in place new user support systems in the cloud. Atlassian’s Jira Service Management software provides them with adaptable and flexible tools. This is important in a busy logistical everyday life.

The Uloba organization is Norway’s largest facilitator of citizen-led personal assistance (BPA), and has around 8,000 assistants working around the country.

At the head office in Drammen, Uloba has an administration of around 135 employees who facilitate the assistants and their work, as well as handling the political influence work that Uloba also carries out. In order to provide good user support and deliver good interaction solutions to the administration, Uloba depends on good and universally designed digital services in the cloud, in line with Uloba’s IT strategy.

– The old systems we had were simply out of date and could not be used by everyone, and we saw that a real boost was needed to keep up with the development. After a good internal evaluation process, Jira was chosen as the service for user support. We then went in search of a partner with knowledge and expertise in Atlassian products. We found that at Computas, says Tom Losnedahl, head of IT at Uloba.

Everyone should have a normal everyday life

Uloba is an organization of, with and for disabled people. The head of department, like everyone who works in the organisation, is passionate about being able to give people with disabilities as normal an everyday life as possible.

– We work for total equality, and call ourselves a liberation tool rather than a health service. It is about people’s dignity, quality of life and self-determination. In that way, it does not work to think only of companies, but to be able to see the people. We have to be a facilitator and a partner, but we also work politically, says Losnedahl.

The company currently arranges assistance for disabled people who need assistance in around 180 of the country’s municipalities (work supervisors). Losnedahl points out that although Uloba assists supervisors in finding assistants, it is the individual supervisor who decides who they want to hire.

– Assistants are people who go into the homes of supervisors to assist them with practical tasks they cannot do themselves. That is why it is important to have an assistant with whom you feel comfortable, he points out.

Building a large knowledge base

With the Atlassian Jira Service Management software, Uloba’s administrative staff can more easily get user support and access to information. The software is used for ordering equipment, access and software, and for user support, user guides, routines and procedures. It also gives the employees the opportunity to look into previous cases to see how they have been resolved.

– When all our history becomes more accessible, it results in a much easier day to day handling of problem solving for the administrative staff and the IT support function. It will undoubtedly make a large part of the work they do more efficient, says Losnedahl.

The administrative staff will now be able to more easily open, close and handle ongoing cases. The software also provides an advanced queuing system for inquiries. The way the cases are resolved will then be able to be implemented in the knowledge bank.

– In addition, through Jira Service Management, you can order new equipment, travel, food and more. We have many employees outside the head office in Drammen, and now all such orders can be made in one and the same place, say department managers.

An important customer

An increasing number of Computas’ customers see the need for good Service Management tools. With its technical and functional expertise on Atlassian products, Computas became a natural partner for Uloba. Atlassian advisor at Computas, Kjetil Riise, appreciates that very much.

– We wished to provide Uloba with systems that are user-friendly, scalable and versatile. They have achieved that with Jira Service Management. They will also later be able to build on this system with other Atlassian tools, he says.

Riise explains that non-profit organizations receive a significant discount on Atlassian licenses, which gives the organizations the opportunity to quickly put in place solid, universally designed and efficiency-enhancing solutions at a good price. There are also many possibilities for customization of the Atlassian products, and here Computas assists. Riise is looking forward to more projects with Uloba.

– They have been a very meaningful customer to work with, and it is extra rewarding when we see that our work can contribute to equality and life development for disabled people in Norway. We look forward to being a partner for Uloba on future Atlassian projects, he concludes.

The technology we used

  • Jira Service Management in Atlassian Cloud
  • Confluence in Atlassian Cloud

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