More agile collaboration with Confluence

For Norwegian businesses, establishing good routines that enable collaboration is becoming increasingly important. The collaboration is expected not only to function well within the company; external customers shall also see the company as a holistic and collaborative partner.

In Computas, we know that many businesses have great ambitions for creating agile collaboration and DevOps projects, but struggle to make it work in practice. That is why we have developed specialized advisory expertise and expertise in the use of Atlassian products, such as Confluence and Jira.

A common truth

The key to good collaboration and a smooth working day is a common knowledge base. Each and every one of your colleagues possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This expertise is even more valuable to the company if it is available to as many people as possible.

Confluence gives you the opportunity to share knowledge and have a common methodology across projects in the business. All documentation and methodology are found in one place, helping you to re-use your recipes for success several times. If you gather project planning, meeting minutes, product requirements and marketing plans in one place, there will no longer be any doubt as to which is the latest version or what has been proposed or accepted.

By making the same information available to everyone, the company provides a common truth. Confluence makes it easy to find this information, while allowing you to keep it updated by editing, commenting and collaborating.

The IT world and Norwegian businesses meet

At Computas, we work in many industries and types of IT projects. With our help, Hafslund is transforming from being a grid giant to becoming an IT giant, and we help Brønnøysund Register Center to become one of the country’s first public players in a public cloud solution. Furthermore, we help companies deal with more practical challenges, such as finding good routines for collaboration, documentation and knowledge sharing.

When we help businesses either to get started or to optimize the use of Confluence, we have a great opportunity to learn more about how different companies in the various industries work, what they need, and what they must do to get even better than they are today. We help our customers understand what is «best practice» through advisory workshops, so that, together, we can draw up a good information architecture that supports the organization’s goals.

How do we do it?

Computas is an Atlassian Platinum Partner. Our specialists help Norwegian businesses get started and optimize the use of Confluence. We offer two different courses in Confluence, one for new users, and one for more advanced users and administrators.

For most of the businesses we are in contact with, the problems occur when Confluence expands uncontrollably and no proper guidelines for use have been established. The lack of a basic structure and proper information management plan makes it difficult for others to find the information that is produced and available in Confluence. When usage increases without a fundamental structure, it can be difficult for others to find the right information.

This is where Computas in many cases takes an active part. We have created a set of guidelines and have strong expertise in information structure and how Confluence should be built and used. We also help businesses identify the persons in their organization who should actually own these products, so that the responsibility for the software is assigned to the right persons, in terms of content, as well as technical configuration.

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