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Atlassian Course: Jira Service Management

How can you set up good collaboration and effective user support in your company? The courses give you a good foundation in understanding how Jira Service Management (earlier: Jira Service Desk) is connected and promotes good practices in use. The goal is for your company and team to be more efficient by spending less time on confusing processes and confusing routines, and more time on core tasks.

With us, you can take the courses either as standard classroom courses or company-internal courses. We offer a range of courses within the Atlassian portfolio from certified advisors with extensive industry experience. They will share lots of best practice tips with course participants.

Jira Service Management for Agents

Typical participants: Project managers, team leaders and others who want to play an active role in answering and following up on customer inquiries.
Duration: 1/2 day

Jira Service Management for agents is the course for you who have some knowledge of and have previously worked in Jira Service Management. As an agent, you are responsible for receiving and processing inquiries. This course is for you who need to learn more about how to manage and work in the solution as an agent. The course takes a thorough review of how functionalities in a Service Desk project are connected. With insight into how new projects are created and configured, as well as how you as an agent can adjust the setup in the individual project based on needs, you will get tips on best practice and not least you will get a good basis for customizing your Jira Service Management projects. to match the needs of your team. You will also receive training in what you as an agent can adjust and update in the customer portal.

Course content:

After completing the course, you will be able to take on the role of Agent in the Service Desk with your newfound security. You will know how to utilize advanced functionality tailored to your project or team’s needs. In the course you will practice with practical assignments.

Best practices in configuring Service Desk projects: Request types, Queues, Customer communication, Workflow

What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

How to build reports specifically for your needs

Advanced search with JQL including features, date fields and case statuses

Configuration of dashboards for project or team

Understand and define the need for notifications: Subscription to filters

Manage users and customers into roles, implications for user rights and access

Jira Service Management for administrator

Typical participants: Experienced Jira users who will manage the Service Desk in their own organization
Duration: 1 day

Jira Service Management for administrator is the course for you who are an experienced user of Jira Service Management, but who need to learn more about how customer portal, Service Desk specific functionality and Jira as a whole is configured. The course takes a thorough review of how all functionalities are connected so that you get a solid toolbox to take with you further. With insight into how the building blocks can be connected, how Request types, work queues and Service Level Agreements can be configured with tips for best practice, you will have a good basis for adapting the tool to match the needs of your company and team.

Course content:

After completing the course, you will have detailed knowledge of how to configure Jira Service Management projects based on good practice. You will know what adjustments must, can and should not be made to ensure a future-oriented and easily maintainable Jira Service Management instance. You will have detailed knowledge of user groups, project and customer roles and how to manage user access and rights in Jira Service Management in general and projects in particular. The goal of the course is that you are left with the knowledge and skills to use all building blocks to establish a user-friendly layout tailored to your business needs. Service Desk specific functionality, such as request types, work queues and communication with customers will be reviewed in detail, while you will gain detailed knowledge of what Service Level Agreements (SLA) are and how to build reports that cover your need. You will practice in the course with practical assignments.

In-depth knowledge and practical tasks with all building blocks in Jira Service Management: Case types and how to establish new ones, Screenshots and how to establish new ones. Including workflow screenshots, Create Custom Fields, Workflow, Simple and Advanced. Implications for Project Administrators and End Users, Creating Automation Rules.

Discussion and creation of work processes for customer inquiries and linking these to case types, statuses and workflow

How to create request types, work queues and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet the needs of the organization and customers

How to establish new Jira projects, when and how to establish reuse across: Field configuration, Priority schemes, Global roles and groups, how to assign users into these

Establish access layouts and issue security schemes

Establish notification forms adapted to your company

Best practices for efficient maintenance of Jira Service Management to ensure good performance

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