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Consultancy services

Consulting is an important part of Computas’ service. We combine cutting-edge expertise with broad experience and help our customers plan and implement the «digital journey». This may include redesigning internal and external processes, meeting customers on new digital surfaces, exploiting the potential of radical technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and developing new business models for increased competitiveness and efficiency. We deliver everything from inspirational lectures and workshops to specific Proof of Concept projects.

Computas focuses on technology and expertise, and through close dialogue and cooperation with the customer, we can solve digitization projects in all industries and sectors. However, there are some industries and sectors where we have more experience. This includes oil and gas, logistics and transport, health, justice and a number of public services.

Our expertise

Among our employees, we have everything from business developers, designers, psychologists and project managers to technical architects and Java and .NET developers. We are passionate about professional development and sharing experience and knowledge across organizations and projects.

Some of our competence areas

  • Digital transformation and change management
  • Cloud-based solution architecture and infrastructure (Google Cloud and Azure)
  • Work processes, process automation, and robotization
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Big Data, analysis, and decision support
  • User experience (UX), mobility and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Agile methodology, continuous and secure development
  • Business and Risk Management (Compliance)

Cloud, AI and IoT

We are experts in future-oriented technological solutions. New technology is a complex landscape to navigate. We help to find opportunities that can create real value for the business. By combining technological cutting-edge expertise with a broad business understanding, we help make good choices to succeed with solution modernization and the use of cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI, artificial intelligence) and IoT (the Internet of Things). We show the way from idea to a professional, safe solution.

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Business and service design

We have the foremost expertise in service design. New business needs require new solutions. Through the use of design methodology and creative processes in solving business problems, we contribute to new thinking and innovation. Based on our insight into the interaction between people and technology, we find relevant solutions that provide high user benefits. In the process, we make sure to prioritize, develop a clear direction, set relevant goals and ensure anchoring across the organization.

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Work methodology

We have expertise in flexible product development, lean methodology and change management. We know what it takes for an organization to be able to change in step with new business needs. We share experiences, supervise, hold workshops and courses, and help the organization take the right steps to be able to conduct continuous business development and succeed with innovation. Computas also guides the transformation from traditional projects to product development in autonomous teams, which makes it faster and easier to handle increased complexity and take advantage of new opportunities.

Why choose Computas?

When Computas was established in 1985, not many people talked about artificial intelligence. But we focused on AI (artificial intelligence), expert systems and smart IT solutions already at that time. Since then, we have continuously innovated and updated our resource base. We are therefore better equipped than most to meet the new digital reality with our customers. We have delivered services and mission-critical solutions to demanding clients in the public and private sectors for over 30 years. Overall, our nearly 300 employees represent a unique competence and delivery resource for ongoing and new digitization processes. Digitization is our DNA!

How do we work?

We use several methods to deliver value-creating advice; for example, Computas consultants are part of the customer’s resource team for shorter or longer periods. We can also deliver lectures, workshops, and be a sparring partner in the customer’s digitization process. Our experience, however, is that the most valuable consultancy deliveries are through a “Proof of Concept” (PoC) project. Here we work with the customer and carry out a limited project focusing on uncovering the business value of a particular digitization technology for customer-specific needs. The result is a fact-based assessment of the business concept and a concrete demonstrator that illustrates the concept. The demonstrator can in many cases be further developed into a solution that can be used in the business.

Would you like to know more?

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– Adrian Pau