Artificial Intelligence

An increasing number of businesses are adopting new, advanced services that utilize artificial intelligence (AI). How can and will AI affect your industry, your employees and customers? Computas has expertise and experience in AI and and can assist your organization with consultancy, innovation, and IT development.

The technological development in this field is enormous and will shape businesses across all industries in the coming years. Although the interest is greater than ever, it is challenging to grasp the possibilities inherent in the technology, what is currently available, and what lies ahead.

Computas can deliver

  • Workshops and consultancy
  • Development of digital solutions utilizing AI
  • Talks on topics such as:
    • The history of AI
    • Practical use of AI in 2023 – what is possible?
    • Utilizing AI and Google Cloud
    • Utilizing AI and Microsoft Copilot
    • AI and the green transition
    • AI – ethics, responsibility, and regulations
Erik Talleng discusses with colleagues

Get started with Computas AI Discovery Workshop

Discover the transformative power of AI for your business in our dynamic workshop. We will delve into your business goals and needs, harnessing the potential of this technology. Tailored to your preferences, our full or half-day session will delve into key areas like efficiency, automation, innovation, and more. Following the workshop, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing actionable recommendations for both short and long-term organizational steps. Unleash the possibilities of AI and unlock your business’s true potential.

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