Kubernetes – simplifies CI processes and orchestrates containers

Yesterday’s manual solutions have had to give way to technology that simplifies the test and CI process, streamlines update rollouts, and facilitates more automated solutions. We are in an era characterized by innovative cloud solutions and container technology. In order to manage and orchestrate containers in the cloud solutions, many have started using Kubernetes: a platform that, in a short time, has become extremely important to development environments around the world; also in ours at Computas.

Kubernetes orchestrates containers

When we create IT solutions for our customers, cloud platforms play an important role. More and more people wish to make use of the possibilities in the cloud for creating innovative solutions that use big data, IoT and machine learning. We use containers, so the solutions that we create are able to communicate and interact with each other. The containers give us flexibility and a free scope that save time as well as lay the foundation for more efficient solutions.

For this to function well for our customers, it is important that the solutions placed in the various containers can communicate and scale. This is where Kubernetes comes in. Kubernetes ensures that there are enough containers at all times to meet a given need, that different solutions communicate, regardless of platform; and that it is possible to move an IT solution from one cloud platform to another if needed.

Simplifies the CI process

Kubernetes supports the CI and test process. Fortunately, as a developer, you are no longer forced to spend time on lengthy and cumbersome test processes. Today, update and roll-out are carried out almost automatically and with very few people involved. Updates and new versions are rolled out so seamlessly that the user doesn’t even notice it. With a CI / CD process supported by Kubernetes, builds and rollouts can be scaled, so you don’t have to spend time waiting for the runtime environment to be ready. That way, the developer can work more efficiently.

This is not only a benefit for developers, but also for businesses and other enterprises in need of updated IT solutions. The developer spends less time on unnecessary operations in the development and test process, and it is far easier to set up test environments. With Kubernetes you can set up a test environment for every need and customize the function, providing our customers with a much better result, in much shorter time. This will save the customer both time and money as we can test faster and take down the test environments as soon as we no longer need them.

When Hafslund became an IT giant

In 2014, a decision was made for Norwegian households to switch from using mechanical power meters to meters that automatically register actual electricity consumption (AMS). Hafslund went from being a power company to becoming a major player in the IT industry.

Ståle Heitmann, head of IT and digitization at Hafslund Nett, says that they wanted to be able to use both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, and that it would be profitable for Hafslund to relate to one single cloud platform. Computas was able to help facilitate this, and much more. Want to know more about the project with Hafslund? Read more about how we used Kubernetes to safely handle large amounts of data.

Discussing topics of expertise

We are a group of dedicated developers and IT people who love to talk about our field of expertise. In our podcast, we discuss interesting questions and debate professional issues. Here we talk about everything from machine learning, to IoT and robots. And also, of course, Kubernetes and CI technology. Want to know more? Listen to our developers elaborate more on Kubernetes and CI technology in our podcast (Only in norwegian).

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