Cloud Computing

An increasing number of businesses are adopting cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS in their IT development and infrastructure. Computas is at the forefront of cloud technology and is both a Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Cloud Premier Partner, and Atlassian Platinum Partner. We assist you with everything from consulting to the development of applications tailored for cloud platforms.

Computas has helped numerous Norwegian businesses succeed in their cloud journey and leverage the technology that cloud platforms offer. In addition to providing a secure, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure, cloud platforms like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure offer enormous opportunities for innovation for businesses. Data storage, processing, and analysis. Automation of processes. Efficient development and deployment of custom applications and services. And importantly, opportunities for the use of AI and generative AI.

We can Help you With

We offer certified expertise in most areas within cloud technology, including:

  • Cloud strategy and cloud brokerage, choose the right technology and create a solid plan for the cloud journey based on best practices.
  • Cloud security – secure foundation, safe data processing, and backup.
  • Onboarding, migration, and integration with other systems.
  • Methodology for IT development (Agile, DevOps).

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