Cost Control

The financial and commercial aspects of using cloud platforms represent a significant shift from traditional cost control within IT operations. Keeping track of changes in prices and terms, as well as properly budgeting for usage, are challenges that recur, especially as the scope increases. Computas frequently encounters businesses that have ventured into this landscape on their own. They report being ill-prepared for the financial aspects before embarking on the journey and struggle to gain oversight and control. We can assist with a range of services to prepare for or improve cost control in your business when using cloud platforms.

Optimal on-boarding

We’ll help you create the cloud platform. You pay for what you need from the start and get a good starting point to get an overview

Native Tools and Reporting

understand native tools and how you can effectively use them to track costs right from the start.

Cost Control Analysis

Avoid potentially wasted spendings on cloud resources. Based on our experience, knowledge and tools, you can avoid typical pitfalls. We can give you suggestions and alternatives on how to optimize cloud use.

Did you know that…

  • More than half of those planning to adopt cloud technology report that cost reduction is their motivation. Nevertheless, a full 45% report that the challenges afterward are precisely cost control (source: EY’s Cloud Maturity Survey, Norwegian businesses, public and private sectors).
  • According to Gartner, it is not uncommon for cloud bills in the public sector to be two to three times higher than expected.

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