Cost Control

The financial and mercantile is a major challenge for most customers who use the cloud platforms to a certain extent – to keep track of changes in prices and terms, be able to do good budgeting and cost control. More than half of those who plan to use cloud technology report that the motivation is cost reduction, yet as many as 45% report that the challenges in the future are precisely cost control (source: EYs Cloud Maturity Survey 2019, Norwegian companies, public and private sector).

This is also something we repetedly recognize as a challenge among many of our customers, especially when the use of cloud reaches a certain extent. These are also challenges that affect other parts of the organization, and can therefore quickly become a show-stopper if not done correctly. Those of our customers who have tried this landscape alone, report that they were unprepared for this before they started, and that they have great challenges in gaining an overview and control.

Why care about cost control?

According to Gartner “it is not uncommon for cloud payments in the public sector to be two to three times higher than expected. By 2020, 80% of businesses will exceed their Cloud IaaS budgets due to a lack of cost control

Continuous control of expenses is important to avoid surprises

There are many different ways to save money, depending on your usage pattern

Optimal on-boarding

We’ll help you create the cloud platform. You pay for what you need from the start and get a good starting point to get an overview

Native tools and reporting

Computas helps you understand native tools and how you can effectively use them to track costs right from the start.

Cost control analysis

Avoid potentially wasted spendings on cloud resources. Based on our experience, knowledge and tools, you can avoid typical pitfalls. We can give you suggestions and alternatives on how to optimize cloud use.

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