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Google Cloud

Google and Computas have established a unique partnership and collaborate to provide our customers with innovation capabilities and competitiveness based on the Google Cloud Platform. We are a Google Cloud Premier Partner, and we have one of Norway’s leading Google Cloud environments.

The power of Google Cloud is so great that only the imagination limits the possibilities. The benefit of using Google is that they have downloaded and indexed all data on the Internet since 1997. Few other companies have invested as much as Google, when it comes to artificial intelligence and custom hardware for cloud.

Computas customers have two different objectives when contacting us about Cloud:

  • Streamline operations and reduce IT operating costs
  • Innovation and business development

We recommend starting up with Cloud Startup Workshop, independently of the two objectives. Computas Cloud Startup is a workshop that helps the customer understand the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform, and how to identify possibilities within their own organization. With Computas Cloud Startup, customers have the opportunity to learn how to set the right scope on projects, define secure Cloud architecture with the right technology components, and explore scenarios and capabilities with prototypes to develop business opportunities.

Google and Computas has a unique partnership

Computas can assist with consulting services in:

  • Machine learning
  • Big data and data analysis
  • Migration of applications and data over to Cloud
  • Develop true Cloud applications
  • Cloud architecture and security

Google BigQuery

Google has developed BigQuery, a groundbreaking cloud-based service that replaces the traditional data warehouse. BigQuery is cloud native and you get immediate answers to all types of queries. This fits well in a company where you do not want to wait for several months to get new key figures into a new report.

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