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Significant reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO)

Traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) often requires expensive product licenses, large investments in hardware and significant resources for writing and maintaining relevant queries and reports.To address these challenges, Google developed BigQuery which is a ground-breaking cloud-based service for analyzing big data with great cost savings.

Get the most value from your data

With Google BigQuery you can focus on what is important; to get the most value from your data. Infrastructure and scalability are handled automatically, and you only pay for the use of the service. With extreme performance and a standard SQL language, you can explore your data in completely new ways without thinking about investing in hardware or licenses. This provides unique flexibility and facilitates less time spent from data to valuable insights.

BigQuery explained in one minute

Benefits with BigQuery:

  • No investment costs – No contract duration and pay for use
  • Simple – No installations and an intuitive user interface
  • Scalability and performance – Your queries run fast, regardless of the amount of data
  • Security – Your data is encrypted and Google handles access control
  • Safety – No need to worry about backup, your data is replicated automatically for you
  • Insight – You can explore large amounts of data much more effectively.

The Nordic region’s leading Google Cloud Platform Partner

As the Nordic region’s leading Google Cloud Platform Partner, we have delivered several solutions to major customers where Google BigQuery is a key service. We offer consulting and implementation services and are happy to talk about the benefits your business can realize by using Google BigQuery.

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