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The myth that security is a greater challenge when using cloud computing platforms than on-premise data centers, is gradually losing its foothold. In most cases, security will be better protected in the cloud. But it presupposes proper use and knowledge of what needs to be in place. By using Computas’ consultancy services and service development, you will be helped in implementing security in your services from the start.

Computas Cloud Security is a collection of services that covers IT security areas through a broad set of policies, technologies, applications and controls. Cloud security is important for protecting virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the corresponding infrastructure for cloud solutions. The security measures provide protection against unauthorized access or attack.

Computas Cloud Security– an operational framework for security in the cloud

Computas has developed a 6C framework for cloud security. It is an operational framework that focuses on security for and between the cloud solution, containers and DevOps.

The framework is based on practical work with security in software development. Computas Cloud Security can be combined with various frameworks and standards that companies already are using for risk and security management.

  • Core: Know what you are doing and take ownership of your IT security. This is the foundation of the security solution.
  • Chain: Do it all, all the time. It’s about continuity in your IT security.
  • Cluster: Secure cluster and virtual machines.
  • Container: Secure containers.
  • Code: Secure the applications.
  • Components: Secure the platform.
Computas 6C rammeverk

Computas gives you tailored cloud security

Cloud platforms often require security solutions that must work in compositions and in interaction with several services. Also, multiple cloud platforms are often used simultaneously to store information, so it is necessary to keep an overview of the used platforms, and to ensure as much interaction as possible. Computas is a partner of AquaSec, a company that specializes in cloud security. They deliver services to secure cloud solutions from development to production, for containers, serverless or virtual machines.

Get started with Computas Cloud Security Assessment

6C is a framework that helps companies who suspect they have a technical, operational security challenge and want to avoid “locking the front door, but leaving windows and porch doors open”. At start-up, an evaluation of status and needs is made, and a recommendation of measures is given in order of priority. Such an evaluation can be ordered as a separate service. The delivery process is as follows:

Overview phase

2-3 workshops (6 hours), assessment with questionnaire covering all 6C.

Deep diving phase

Workshop with a more comprehensive questionnaire. Tools can be used.


Consulting services.

The possibilities in cloud technology also offer higher security. Do you want help to be more secured in the cloud? Computas has the expert knowledge needed to make proper choices about security for traditional IT solutions, as well as for cloud technology. Contact us to hear more about what we can offer your business.

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