Innovation with Cloud Computing – why cloud?

The economies of scale on cloud-based solutions and operations and the ground-breaking technological capabilities offered in the cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, facilitates companies to move faster into the cloud. There is tremendous potential in using new innovative cloud services from players such as Microsoft and Google, and those who are able to best exploit these opportunities will gain a competitive advantage.

Computas is at the forefront of the technology in this field and is both Microsoft Gold Partner and Premier Google Cloud Partner. We also have consultants with expert knowledge in methodology and innovation processes. We have experience with several paths to the cloud in collaboration with our customers in the private and public sector: Migration of existing solutions to the cloud (lift and shift) and development of cloud-based solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and the extraction of the technological and innovative opportunities that lie in the cloud platforms.

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Lift and shift – migration of existing solutions to the cloud

For many businesses, the path to the cloud starts by lifting/migrating all or part of the existing application portfolio to the cloud. The motivation is often to reduce costs and/or to establish a more scalable and flexible platform for operation, management, and further development.

Computas can offer consultants with expertise in the market-leading cloud platforms and can analyze existing operational setups, and give concrete advice on how the business should proceed in order to achieve the greatest possible gain. Based on the analysis, a target image with a roadmap is made providing the customer with a good basis for decision making for the path ahead. Our specialized teams can also manage the actual migration and take responsibility for subsequent application monitoring, administration, and further development.

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Cloud Native – development of cloud-based solutions

For an increasing number of our customers, the main motivation for using cloud computing is to be able to realize innovation projects and exploit future-oriented technological opportunities. Keywords are Big DataIoTartificial intelligence and machine learning. These are areas where there previously has been limited possibilities without the computing power offered in the cloud platforms. In order to achieve the desired effect, the application must often be built tailor-made to extract the potential of the cloud platform, so-called cloud-native solutions. Computas has extensive experience in technology innovation projects on cloud technology and has expertise in both Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Read about the time machine we have developed in collaboration with Kolumbus, the public transport company in Rogaland, and how we, in collaboration with Aker Solutions, have innovated the process for designing new oil platforms.

Benefits by moving into the cloud

  • Flexibility – Scalable capacity to suit your needs.
  • Costs – Pay per use – No investments up front. You only pay for what you use.
  • Innovation – Access to a large number of value-added services in areas such as data analysis, AI and machine learning.
  • Availability – State of the art infrastructure and services with approximately 100% uptime
  • Security – No local player has the resources to establish infrastructure and services with the same level of security.

Multicloud – the use of several cloud platforms

For several of our customers, the strategy is that multiple cloud platforms shall be adopted/put into use. This is usually done for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To be able to choose the very best solutions for each task
  • To avoid lock-in at one supplier
  • To be able to move between cloud platforms based on price
  • To achieve maximum stability

With an active multicloud strategy, the solutions must be developed with this as a starting point using components on all the cloud platforms that one plans to use. Container technology (such as Kubernetes, Docker, etc.) should be used, making it possible to pack and run the systems in the same way with several suppliers.

Computas has several customers with an active multi-cloud strategy, and we specialize in container technology. We have good expertise in Microsoft Azure, and our unique position with the Nordic region’s largest Google Cloud certified environment makes us particularly suited to assisting customers who wish to utilize multiple cloud platforms.

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