Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian will cease development and support for its server product line starting from February 15th, 2024. For those who haven’t initiated the migration process to Atlassian Cloud, it’s now time to begin the planning work. Computas is one of the few Nordic partners certified as an Atlassian Cloud Migration Specialis

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud comes with several benefits for the organization. However, at the same time, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account for a successful transition from server to the cloud.

Benefits of using Atlassian Cloud

  1. Increased speed: It is easy to set up and can be quickly scaled.
  2. Improved productivity: Upgrades happen continuously during nights and weekends, allowing teams to focus on tasks that add value to the company and customers.
  3. Reduced administrative costs: Physical hardware, maintenance, and other hidden administration fees can quickly become expensive. Businesses can save a lot on lower infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud.
  4. Secure scalability: Customers can protect data with built-in data security, controls, recovery tools, and encryption in transit and in rest mode.
  5. Future-oriented teams: Teams gain instant access to the latest features, improvements, and integrations with other leading cloud systems. They can access projects from anywhere, on any device. Integration with “Cloud-only” tools like Slack is intuitive and easy, and the number of integrations is rapidly increasing. 

What do you have to think about?

It can be intimidating and challenging to embark on cloud migration without the right expertise. Many view migration as a purely technical project, where everything is transferred to the cloud in a large export, and projects and spaces that are not meant to be migrated are deleted. However, based on our experience, there are significant differences between server/data center and the cloud, which can present some challenges along the way.

To ensure a successful transition to the cloud, proper planning is essential. Typically, an activity plan for migration would look like this:

The migration process can be extensive, even though it is not necessarily complicated. This is because there is no automatic system support to ensure a comprehensive implementation of good quality. If you would like assistance in transitioning to the cloud, we have already helped numerous customers and are ready to assist you as well

Whitepaper: Tips for migrating to the cloud

What should you consider when transitioning from server to cloud? In this guide, we will cover our tips and experiences with migrating to Atlassian Cloud.

Why choose Computas when migrating to Atlassian Cloud?

Computas is one of the few Nordic partners certified as an Atlassian Cloud Migration Specialist and Atlassian Platinum Partner. This is evidence of a solid certified professional environment in both technical aspects and agile work methodology.

We have been using Jira, Confluence, and other tools from Atlassian internally and in agile projects since 2006. The tools are used, as in many other organizations, in IT, HR, finance, sales, marketing, and management. These are tools for all types of agile teams.

We provide consultancy services to businesses that want to learn more about Atlassian products and help them get started with using these tools. We have experience in cloud migration and also assist organizations that are already using the tools to further maximize their potential.

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