Generativ AI from Google

Generative AI will undoubtedly play a key role in streamlining and automating work processes. Google is well advanced within generative AI and offers a wide range of models and products. Through Vertex AI, it is also easier to get started than you might think.

What is Generative AI

Generativ AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that understands natural language and can generate new data, for example text, images, sound or video. Generative AI is trained over time, learning patterns and contexts from existing data, and thereby uses this knowledge to generate new and unique data. This makes generative AI capable of producing content that can be both realistic and complex.

Vertex AI

Vertex AI is a platform from Google Cloud where they have gathered their AI products and associated tools. Through the platform, developers can build, deploy and manage machine learning models (LLMs), including models for generative AI. Vertex AI gives your business access to a range of AI models (also called foundation models) and managed tools that make it easy to build and deploy applications. For those who want to build their own generative AI services, using the same models but without the managed tools, this is also possible.

Model Garden

With Model Garden you get access to a whole catalogue of pre-trained AI-models (LLMs), that can easily be distributed. Model garden includs models for generating text, code, images, music, video and more. There are more than 130 models to choose from, with the most known models being:
Gemini: Currently the most advanced language model from Google. Gemini is multimodal, which means it understands both text, images, audio, video and code.
PaLM2: A predecessor to Gemini. PaLM 2 is a language model capable of generating text, for example translating, answering questions or generating code.
Codey: Able to generate code based on natural language.
Imagen: A text-to-image model, which allows you to generate realistic images.

Vertex AI Studio

Vertex AI Studio is a managed tool that gives you easy access to language models, as well as the functionalities you need to test, adjust and distribute AI applications. The tool makes is easier to get started with generative AI, even for users that don’t have machine learning expertise.

Tips to getting started

Enterprise search with generativ AI

Connecting internal data with LLMs is where a lot of the potential within generative AI lies. Through this webinar, our Director of Cloud Technology and AI, Morten Forfang looks at the possibilities that lies within Vertex AI and how businesses can use this technology to revolutionize search in internal data – also known as enterprise search

Executives Guide to generative AI

Generative AI will undoubtedly impact businesses in the near future. But only 15% of companies and IT decision makers feel they have the expert knowledge needed in this area. In this whitepaper, you as a executive will get the knowledge you need to get started through 10 steps.

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