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User experience & design

New business requires new solutions. Through the use of design methodology and creative processes in solving business problems, we contribute to innovation. Based on our insight into the interaction between people and technology, we find relevant solutions that provide high user benefits. In the process, we ensure that we prioritize, develop a clear direction, set relevant goals and secure anchoring across the organization.

Our consultants have experience and background from many different projects. Design is craftsmanship, and user-centered design is a natural part of our project methodology. We work interdisciplinary with service designers, interaction designers, graphic designers, developers, and functional experts because it provides the best results.

If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work.

Susan Dray

Graphic design and information design

Most people understand visual images and figures faster and better than tables and lists. With good information design and graphic design, we can communicate complex relationships, data and statistics in a simple and understandable way. Good graphic design also enhances your brand.

Universal design

We look at universal design as a design tool. By looking at what we make from several perspectives, we make sure that the websites and applications get better – for everyone. We make sure that the solutions meet the requirements of the Discrimination and Accessibility Act and the quality criteria for DIFI, both at the front and in the code.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

At Computas, we work interdisciplinary with designers, developers and functional experts – because it gives the best results. Here’s a glimpse of Hackathon last Computer Day.

Video from a Hackaton during our quartaly internal tech-day

How Computas can help

To create good subject systems, websites and mobile apps, one must know the users and what tasks they want to solve. We always do thorough needs analyzes and find solutions that meet the user’s needs and the customer’s objectives. In order to create good user experiences, it is important that the user is in focus.

Good interaction design means that the user always knows where in the process she is and what the next step is. A good and logical workflow increases efficiency and minimizes errors. By exploring different ways of navigating and analyzing workflows, we ensure that they are put together into holistic concepts that solve the needs of users. We develop apps for mobile devices and websites with responsive design.

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